Saturday, March 27, 2010

A very colorful evening

I have heard, that when a pro photographer goes out for an evening of shooting, they are not always happy with what they come home with. Some would even say that pros are happy to get one amazing shot out of 1,000. Of course, in there own opinion, they might be right, they are there own toughest critics. But I can see what they mean. I find my work, for the most part, good. I see that I have some natural raw talent that can get MUCH BETTER! I see that I can still learn more and that I know I have mad crazy potential skills! I see that someday I can become someone who can make a living selling art! In the time being, I want to get out and shoot, shoot and shoot some more. When I go out to catch the sunset, I have no idea if there will be a nice level of clouds, that will bring beautiful colors after the sun sets. If there are any clouds at all! For the most part, if there are any clouds at all, its SUPER overcast. So why do I keep waisting gas, going out for an hour drive, one way, just to shoot the sunset? Because of nights like this, where the sky is so alive with color. Far and few between, yes, but when I get there and see this, its one of the most amazing feelings in the whole world. And that one in a thousand shot? This was the ONLY sunset shot from that evening that I loved! I took a few before sunset shots that I liked, but from the lot of long exposure images, this was the only one I even considered good. Perhaps I have just become my own toughest critic!

I want to leave you with a link today, its a link to flickriver, where you can view my flickr photos in order of most interesting. Please take the time to view some of my work, and let me know what you think.

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