Sunday, March 28, 2010

Day time Long Exposure

Even before I received in the mail my B+W ND110 filter, I still wanted to work with and play around with long day time exposures. This image here is only one second long. But considering the sun was out, thats a long time! I do have a set of Cokin filters and in that set, I have two ND filters. ND filters is pretty much what I would consider sun glasses for your camera lens. You just slide it over your lens and adjust your settings, in camera, and shoot the subject. Before my new B+W filter, the Cokin were all I had and they did just fine! I think any way. They offer a pink hue to all the images and I had to correct in Post processing, but this image, the colors stuck around.

I am showing this to you because at last glance I mentioned to you that I was newly getting into day time long exposers, this was one of my first tries. Tomorrow, I will bring to you what the ND110 does, this was 1 second, I now can do 30+ seconds! I hope you enjoy!

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