Monday, March 29, 2010

Moving on with Daytime Long Exposure

So, as I had posted before, I was getting into day time long exposure before I realized that the color cast of the Cokin filters was just getting annoying! And, I could only take the image to a few seconds with my stacked ND filters. Stacked was another word for lower quality, when I put the two filters together, it would add stuff to the image, like extra sun flairs and more spots that just did not come off during post processing. There had to be another way. So, that was when I started to look into EXTREME ND filters. Extreme as in, hitting the 30 second mark with one DARK filter. After much research, I knew that the B+W ND110 was the filter for me. At 10 full stops of light, the filter was suppose to be blocking 1000x's the light. When you take the filter and look into the sun, all you see is a round ball, I bet I can capture a solar eclipse with this baby! (I look forward to the chance to try!) Any way, on my first week of having the filter, I found myself quite successful at the idea of LONG exposures during the day. I give Cokin the credit for teaching me how to deal with the day time work, with out that period of learning time, the curve would have been grater! Now, the only thing missing, my wide lens. Before I got my ND100, my wide lens stopped working. Right now, it is still in the shop! It seams I can only have one pice of gear at a time! :) No worries, I expect it back next week, then you will start seeing WOW from me. I hope so any way. The image above is, from a distance, a 30 second exposure during the day. Please enjoy! And don't forget, check me out on Flickr. I put a lot more stuff there!

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