Friday, September 20, 2013

A baby is born!

A baby is born and I don't have photos to share yet. The post processing that is put into a birth is quite extensive and my partner who does that has been out of town. (Hubby in life, partner in business.) So, the image I am sharing here was from a previous birth experience I had the joy of photographing.

Every birth experience is different! This birth is number 22 for me and it was different! That's all there is to it. I am grateful to have been there, but due to unique circumstances, I was not able to capture some key photos. For example, I have no photos of friends and relatives holding the little princess. No grandma and baby pics or beautiful little girl all cleaned up and wrapped up in the arms of her loving mommy. Because with in 20 minutes of birth, beautiful baby girl had to go to NICU, Baby ICU. Mom had developed an infection during the labor and infections pass to baby. I am very happy that I had the privilege of going to the NICU with baby to capture baby being weighed and measured, a moment mommy had no choice to miss. And I was able to capture beautiful first moments between daddy and mommy! The best moments possible. But I even missed that baby being held up by doctor at the birth moment! Too many doctors in the way due to baby and fever.

However, at the end of the day, a beautiful baby girl has entered into the world. All 7lbs 3oz. At the end of this time that baby must stay into the hospital, mommy and daddy will still take home for the first time their prize! God bless this brand new family!