Thursday, June 9, 2011

Seeing as how I am having trouble sleeping tonight, I thought I would take this time to blog, because its been about 200 years between blogs these days.

I was so lucky to have a chance to go to La Jolla last week. While there, I captured one of my most favorite sunsets. Was it the most beautiful? No, but it was the most photogenic! Let me explain what I mean. When I go out to the beach for a sunset, there are 3 things I am looking for:

1) Clouds, truly and really, a must.
2) High surf, When all else fails, this provides great splashes on the rocks.
3) High tide, once again, can give you a great splash even if the surf is small.

If I have two of the three, usually I am happy. Even if there is no clouds on hand, I can still get some nice wave action. (However, notice that clouds are at the top of my list.) For those of you who have my 2011 calendar, you probably noticed that ALL of the images have clouds. No mater what time of day the image was taken. To those of you who do not have my 2011 calendar, why not? :) Just kidding, having some fun with you.

Well, last Tuesday, when I ventured to La Jolla with my 6 year old boy, I had ALL THREE! Clouds, high tide and not just high surf, La Jolla was actually on a surf advisory! YA! I was so excited when I saw the surf report. Of course, as I was shooting away, a nice, and large, wave came and made my dry clothing all wet, but thats ok. Little M was not hit by the wave, nor was my gear, so I was totally OK with that. I will say however, that I did have to carry a wet blanket to the car. The wave to the right, on this image, was the one that got me, and another photographer shooting next to me. It does not look huge, but at this point, my feet were already about half a foot in water from the wave that just hit. It was like a wave on top of a wave, very cool if you ask me!

I sure do hope you enjoy the image, and I look forward to making it back to La Jolla, the place that holds my heart. At least for photography.


  1. I hope you make it back too! I always enjoy your photos from there.

  2. Connie, I always hope I make it back. Its been a real drag being so far from my "beach home". I do have the next 2 weeks off of my nanny job, so perhaps I might be able to get some day trips! I know, not the same as a sunset.