Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Neptune's Garden

So, I was going through a few of my most recent images on Flickr and saw this one. It's from the same night as the image before this one, but as I really got a chance to take a look, I realized it needed it's own post on my blog. I just love the movement of the water and the light of the sky. Even the two images are from the same night, they are still so different. This one from before the sunsets and the other one, after the sun sets. Different colors and different water movement, different rocks and different light.

It brings me to a very interesting revelation. I saw another photographer shooting on this sunset. He was SO focused on the rocks in this image. Later, I came across the same photographer on Flickr, who got the most amazing image of these same rocks. For a large amount of time, this photographer, Max, was photographing these rocks, only these rocks. Dodging the waves and back in for the next shot. For a while, I wanted him to move, because I wanted to get some shots there, but then I realized something. He was out for one image, one only! After seeing that image, I could finally understand why. It was all about that one perfect shot, and it was perfect! I keep moving around, trying for many shots. I want to be able to come back to Flickr with many useable shots, not just one. I learned something from Max, I learned it's OK to have one amazing shot. Just one would be a success!

Will I change my style over this lesson? Probably not. But eventually, I might have as much patience as my new friend Max, I hope!


  1. Nice! You know I love this photo. Just amazing. I saw his photo and it was really incredible. I have a style more like yours. Maybe it would be worthwhile to try for the one shot.....or not! It's worth thinking about.

  2. Once again - another gorgeous shot! Congrats on "nailing" it!

  3. Connie! You are a doll! I have no doubt you shoot like me, thats one of the biggest reasons why I would LOVE to get together and shoot with you. :D Some day, I might just sit and wait for the right shot, and I have done it before! I just get tired of waiting sometimes.

  4. Miss Peggy! How are you? Oh, its so nice to hear from some local people. Thank you very much, I hope to be catching some more sunsets soon.