Sunday, May 23, 2010

A beautiful sunset!

So, it has been a little longer then normal sense I have done anything here on my blog. Partly due to pain. Been dealing with pain in both arms, which means less typing. Have I been on the computer any less? No, but I have been limiting my activity. So perhaps a little less. Any way, I thought sense I went out earlier this week and got some pretty cool image, I wanted to share one with any one who came across this and wanted to see it. I am still not sure any one is even reading my blog, and I hope people are. Perhaps I need to promote myself? :) I will have to think about that one. Any way, here is one sunset that I really enjoyed, and even though I came home with a broken DS light, took a swim at the hands of my 5 year old, I was still happy with the actual sunset. Please enjoy!

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